Use Credit Card to Transfer Money from Mobikwik to Bank Account


Raju Pal

I was using Mobikwik to transfer money from my HDFC credit card to my SBI bank account. It was very easy process and Mobikwik used to charge 3% to 4% and money got credited to my account almost instantly. I guess Mobikwik was transferring money to bank account via IMPS.

Now I am unable to do this kind of transaction. Every time I try adding 30000 from HDFC credit card to mobikwik wallet, my card declines the transaction. Sometimes, It goes fine till I enter the transaction OTP received from HDFC. Why is this happening? Anyone please help me?

IWO Admin

HDFC might have set some restrictions on your card, so better try a lower amount, like below Rs 10,000.

Mobikwik also has certain limits on loading money to their wallet and sending money to your bank account. Check if you are not crossing their limit.

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