SMA Meaning in CIBIL?


Nikhil Pahwa

My CIBIL score is 735 and my home loan application got rejected due to this score. I checked my CIBIL and Experian credit PDF report received over email and it shows my all credit card and loan accounts.

  • SBI SimplySave credit card
  • Paytm Citi Bank Credit Card
  • HDFC Moneyback credit Card
  • Loan accounts from Paytm Postpaid ABFL and two unknown names but I guess these two are for my Ola Money and Amazon Pay Later which I use.
My experian report looks OK and experian score is 754, but my cibil is 735 and it has SMA mentioned in one account. This SMA was also told by the bank employee when rejected loan application.

I want to know meaning of SMA in my CIBIL score. I have mailed that loan provider but got no reply except the automated complaint receiving acknowldgment.

I googled and found on CIBIL's website that SMA is Special Mention Account "Special account created for reporting Standard Accounts moving toward Sub-Standard". What does it mean? Please clarify this in simple words so that I can fix this and improve my cibil score.

IWO Admin

SMA = Special Mention Account.

It means that you have some defaults in re-payment of any loan or credit card bill.

So please check with the loan provider of the account marked as SMA.

There are 3 levels of SMA: SMA 0, SMA 1 and SMA 2

SMA 0 - late payment upto 30 days
SMA 1 - 30 days & upto 60 days
SMA 2 - 60 days & upto 90 days

SMA affects your credit score badly, so alway insure timely payment of your loans, EMIs and credit card bills.

Nikhil Pahwa

Thank you for your reply. I never missed any EMI payment or credit card. i always pay before due date.

and why only CIBIL has SMA entry and not experian?

IWO Admin

@Nikhil: Lenders report credit bureaus on regular interval, and bureaus update their data accordingly. In India, CIBIL is most important and that's why almost every lender reports more frequently to CIBIL. Experian may get delayed reports from your specific lender.

You should approach your lender and ask them to rectify mistake in your CIBIL reports. Don't let it go easily, as your CIBIL report would carry such mistakes for years and would affect your further loan applications.

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