Quadfin and DMI Finance in CIBIL Report?



Can anyone please explain or give a hint what could be Quadfin and DMI Finance in my CIBIL Report? These lenders started showing in my latest CIBIL report checked on Paytm app in this month.

I use various credit cards and loans, but never took any loan from any of these. Although both, Quadfin and DMI Finance, accounts are showing as CLOSED in my cibil history, but I believe that these may affect my score and loan applications in future.

IWO Admin

If these are marked as closed, you don't need to worry much. Closed accounts without any default or other issues are perfectly OK and don't affect your credit-worthiness or credit score.

Moreover, note that several lending apps and specially neo-banks have multiple partners like NBFCs and regular banks. You might have used some app which facilitated credit line from Quadfin and DMI Finance.

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