Overlimit Transactions on SBI Credit Card

SBI Credit Cards allow select users to opt for Overlimit Transactions. Let's understand the concept of overlimit on credit cards.

What is Overlimit?​

SBI Card may approve certain transactions, attempted by the cardholder, which are over and above the credit limit, subject to levy of overlimit fee. Overlimit amount can go up to 50% of the account’s assigned credit limit, subject to internal policy.

This applies when a user is trying to spend beyond his/her credit limit offered on a SBI credit card.


Difference between Overlimit and Credit Limit Increase​

Credit Limit Increase is an incremental limit offered on the card over and above previously assigned credit limit, and subjected to internal policy and supportive documentation. Overlimit facility is consent based and transaction specific, that quickly allows a buffer limit to be utilized.

You may get an alert message from SBI Credit Card if you are eligible for overlimit transactions. Users need to opt for this service, and again, an overlimit charge is applied when you use this option.

Sandeep Khokhar

I swiped my card at a retail store and my amount was crossed beyond the remaining limit on my SBI Simply Save credit card. Transaction was denied as SBI put a penalty charge. Why?