Disable Truecaller Business Chat



How can I disable the Truecaller Business Chat in the Truecaller app? It is just another spam feature of Truecaller. Businesses can use this feature to send advertisements as messages to the users, and there seems no way to disable or opt out of this feature.

Any promotional or advertisement thing should be opt-in, or at least, there should be a way to opt out. Truecaller already has several privacy issues, and now they have started a new way of spamming.

Please share any way to disable or opt out of this Truecaller Business Chat feature.


Different colors on Truecaller's caller ID:
  • Blue: Usual numbers
  • Red: Spammers
  • Green: Truecaller verified businesses (again spam but they paid to Truecaller?)
  • Purple: A verified business calling for a time-sensitive matter like food delivery, OTP-on-call, other delivery.

Source: https://www.truecaller.com/blog/fea...nt-caller-id-screen-colors-in-truecaller-mean