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  1. I

    Paytm Tap to Pay

    If your phone has NFC, you can use Paytm Tap to Pay feature to pay on Merchant POS using just your phone. Add your supported credit card to Tap to Pay, and enjoy contactless payment option. This feature is already available on Google Pay and several other apps. Watch these two videos to know...
  2. indiawebonline

    What is UPI LITE?

    UPI Lite is a new feature introduced by NPCI. It is almost similar to prepaid wallets like Paytm Wallet, Mobikwik etc. Add money to your UPI Lite on device wallet, and pay to merchants later. You can add funds to your UPI LITE account from your UPI linked bank account. UPI works offline as...
  3. S

    NDXP in CIBIL Report?

    Hi. I got email notification from CIBIL credit bureau that a new lender account NDXP has been added to my credit report. I never took any loan from this NDXP or NDX P2P Private Limited company. I do use a few credit cards, but never heard of this company, forget any ndxp personal loan. Anyone...