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  1. indiawebonline

    TunnelBear VPN stops working in India

    Popular VPN provider TunnelBear has stopped working in India following the new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India. The Indian government has issued new guidelines for VPN providers and cloud service operators in June 2022. This directs...
  2. N

    Airtel Fiber Landline Connection?

    If I get Airtel Fiber broadband connection at my home in Delhi, will I get landline connection along with it for free? It is mentioned on Airtel website that Airtel Fiber comes with unlimited local and STD calls. My questions are: How does it work? How can I use landline with fiber internet...
  3. S

    Airtel or Jio 5G in Noida?

    Anyone started receiving Airtel or Jio 5G service in Noida? Around premium sectors like sector 18 or sector 62?? I have switched my settings to 5G/4G/3G/Auto and use OnePlus Nord 2T which is capable of 5G. Also checked on Airtel Thank android app that my device is ready for at least Airtel 5G...